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"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.”
-Chinese Proverb

Training is a powerful way to make real change happen. And experiential training is the most effective means to transfer knowledge or demonstrate skills.  Adams Consulting Group provides the opportunity for team members to try newly learned skills and behaviors in a safe classroom enabling them to become comfortable with new behaviors before using them with actual clients or co-workers. Our training sessions utilize a highly interactive approach and implements “real world” exercises that make learning stick and ensure individuals “get it” and most important that they “use it.”

Your team will begin to see desired changes immediately in the training session; but we don’t stop there. Our services continue with follow up, holding each participant accountable for changing the way they operate once they return to their job.

Some of our most sought after programs:

    • Management 101
    • Lead Through Changing Times, While Staying Ahead of Your Competition
    • Create High Performance Teams in a Low Performance Economy
    • Communicating for Better Results
    • Service Builds Client Loyalty and Bigger Profits
    • Turn Prospects into Clients that Generate Referrals
    • Titanium Strength Relationships that Get Results
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